Pupils Register Form

Pupils Register Form

“I reminded them that they were blessed, as lawyers-in-the making, because they would be in a position to make a difference for the betterment of society: to fight for the poor, for justice, and set right what has been done wrong. The law is an occupation that is unique and special. It’s an honourable profession, but I stressed that the profession could not make them honourable. Rather, it was the other way around: they had to make the profession honourable.”
-Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, 8 May 2015-

It is a requirement of pupillage that a pupil serve a minimum of fourteen (14) days providing Legal Aid Services and no pupil may be called to the Bar until this requirement has been satisfied. This is reflected in Bar Council Ruling 10.6, which states as follows:

“Every pupil is required to attend at a Legal Aid Centre for at least 14 days during his/her period of pupillage.”

The Kuala Lumpur Legal Aid Centre (KL-LAC) provides the broadest range of Legal Aid programmes of any State Legal Aid organisation. Pupils will be assisted in selecting the programme that suits their interests, temperament and skills and are encouraged to take this opportunity to explore the various means by which the legal profession can assist those members of society who truly need the protection of the law.

The KL-LAC sincerely hopes that by volunteering their time and expertise, pupils will be inculcated with the drive to continue to serve the public and to contribute to achieving and upholding the principles and philosophy of equality and equal protection before the law.

Pupils are expected to complete the Legal Aid Registration Form as soon as possible and file the same with the KL-LAC. KL-LAC will inform registered pupils of the compulsory orientation session, the programme assigned to them and the relevant briefings and training sessions thereafter. The duly signed and Master’s Consent Form should be returned to KL-LAC no later than the compulsory orientation session. The Legal Aid Registration Form and Master’s Consent Form can be DOWNLOAD