Before applying for legal aid, you have to provide us with sufficient information, basically, what is your case and what is your income. You can attend our office at:

Bar Council Legal Aid Centre (Kuala Lumpur)
Suite 202-204, 2nd Floor,
Wisma Hangsam,
No 1, Jalan Hang Lekir,
50000 Kuala Lumpur

There is NO payment required. However, you are to provide as much information as possible when you come to us. Please refer to the checklist below:-
(a) A copy of your NRIC card;
(b) Police report (if any);
(c) Copies of any court documents relating to your problem(if any);
(d) Legal letters/notices (if any);
(e) Information about your income and expenses (for example, salary slips and bank statements, EPF statement) (if any);
(f) Any other documents that may help the adviser (for example, if your problem is about housing, bringing along your tenancy agreement would be most helpful).

You can call us beforehand to make an appointment or just simply walk in to apply for legal aid. Our staff on duty will record your details for example, your name, NRIC number and the nature of your case. Our staff will then hand over to you a reference number (IMPORTANT: Please remember to quote the reference number given to you in any future communications in respect of your case). After that you can take a seat and wait to be called.
You will then be ushered into one of our interview rooms to be attended by our lawyer on duty. All communications will be held privately and all information provided will be confidential. You will be asked to give a detailed statement concerning your case and also the state of your financial affairs. When all the relevant information is collected, the lawyer handling your application will determine whether legal aid should be granted.
You should inform our staff if your case is urgent. We will accord priority for quicker processing. Otherwise, it may take up to approximately 2 weeks for us to open your file and to revert with an advice.

Before you leave the meeting, you should make sure you know:-
(a) what you need to do next;
(b) what your adviser will do next;
(c) whether you need to give your adviser, for example more information or documents;
(d) whether there are any key dates or deadlines you need to know about; and
(e) when the legal aid center will contact you again, or
(f) when your next meeting will be.